Shower curtain rods are designed to separate your shower liner from your decorative curtain, with the design allowing both curtains to have more room to dry after use. The rods also allow the decorative curtain to stand out more in the bathroom, allowing you to showcase your decorating skills without having to struggle with hanging and cleaning them on their own. This guide will introduce you to some of the benefits of using double shower curtain rods in your own home bathroom.

Why Use Double Shower Curtain Rods?

Double shower curtain rods keep your shower liner, and decorative curtain separated, allowing the two to have more room and easier drying ability. The separation also allows your decorative curtain to stand out more in your bathroom. Because of the design of the rod, you have more room in the shower when both curtains are hanging on the rod. You can either buy one long enough to accommodate both curtains or find two rods that are a draperistång length for each individual curtain.

Using double shower curtain rods also provides an added safety feature because there is no need to worry about one towel or cloth getting caught in between a sliding door. If you want even more space in your bathroom, consider adding three or four rods so that all shower items can be hung up at once.

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How to Choose a Double Curtain Rod

Shower curtain rods come in a variety of options and have to be chosen carefully. Before you purchase one, first consider your style. Are you going for something simple and modern or something with detailed patterns? Once you've decided on a general style, find the shower curtain rod that fits your personal needs best. 

Most people want double rods because they can make the most use of the space in their shower stall by giving each half more room to hang down and having them separated so they dry easier. Most shower curtain rods angle at 45 degrees to match the angled shower curtain liners on either side, but this is not always necessary if the curtains are both single curtain liners without any form-fitting designs.

How to Install a Double Curtain Rod

Double curtain rods are one way to add some extra flair and functionality to your bathroom. It's very easy to install a double curtain rod, simply follow the steps below: 

1. Measure the length of your shower curtain and drapery rod. Add at least two inches on each end for overhang on both sides. 2. After measuring, cut your drapery rod to this measurement with a hacksaw or metal saw (metal saws work better). 3. Drill holes into your shower liner at the top where you want it mounted, then insert screws through the holes and screw them into the wall behind it. 4. Mount your drapery rod in between these two screws using a drill and screws provided in package 5. Hang up your curtains 6

Accessories to Complete the Look

You might want to add hooks for your bath mat, towel, robe, and even a curtain for the doorway. If you don't want to get two sets of curtains, but do want some separation in your shower curtain rod then duschdraperi stång using one set to cover both ends. You may also be interested in getting a matching door hook so your door doesn't hit the shower rod every time you close it. No matter what decision you make there are many accessories to complete the look and make sure all your bases are covered!